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Rachel Nichols is grateful to the city of Vancouver. Not only was the west coast locale her transplanted home for four seasons of Continuum, but she met her husband there. With just four more weeks until the series finale, we sat down with Nichols to chat about this sci-fi roller coaster ride.

I’m sad to see Continuum end.
Rachel Nichols: I am too, but we’ve been given six episodes to bring it all to an end and I’ve never had that opportunity before. It is bittersweet because you do those final six episodes and you know it’s the end and that end comes so quickly. But, at the same time, we get to tie up some of the loose ends—it wouldn’t be Continuum if tied them all up—and we have this family between he cast and the crew. We’ve all been here together for the last four years.

I lived in L.A. before and came up here for the first season. And I came up here for Season 2 and met the man who is now my husband. I have so many things to be grateful for. The fans were so incredibly supportive and demanding of answers and wanting another season and wanting an end to the show. I wholeheartedly believe we wouldn’t have gotten a fourth season without them, so this season if for the fans.

It would have been awful if our final vision had been the Season 3 finale.
It would have been horrible!

What was it like to read through that final episode script?
I usually go on a script by script basis so I don’t read a lot in advance, primarily because I think it would scramble my brain and I need to focus on one block of episodes at a time. I had been hearing rumblings about the last episode and I thought at one point, ‘What if they kill Kiera? What if Kiera goes back to the future and dies?’ So, when I got the first draft of Episode 6, I went right to the end to see if Kiera was still alive. There are a lot of twists and turns this season.
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Here are the stills for the first episode of Continuum season 4 4×01 – Lost Hours. More info and updates to come about the new season in the coming weeks.

– Continuum (2012-2015) > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×01 – Lost Hours

Here is the first trailer for the last season of Continuum that will air on Showcase in Canada on September 4th, and a week later on Syfy on the US. The only bad news is I will be in Canada when this is on for two weeks so caps and updates will be two weeks late, Sorry people.

Rachel Nichols, star of Showcase’s hit science-fiction TV drama series “Continuum,” recently opened up as to why Vancouver’s “other worldly, futuristic feel” is the perfect location to film the scripted program.

Nichols said the coastal Canadian city has played an integral role that the coastal Canadian city in the creation of the series.

“The city — the aesthetic, the architecture, all the glass, all the windows — especially at night, but even during the day — it has this otherworldly futuristic feel,” the actress, who plays time-traveller Kiera Cameron, told The Province. “I mean, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I’ve lived in many of them so I feel like I can say that and speak the absolute truth.”

Nichols went on to say that having the setting filmed at Vancouver actually saves the “Continuum” a lot of effort when they needed to shoot for the show’s cityscape.

“There is this quality about it that feels though as if it is from the future so a lot of what we do on Continuum or other shows that have to have a futuristic element, if you can take what downtown Vancouver looks like and you can elaborate it a little bit or add certain things to it, but you don’t have to create an entirely new city in CG,” she said.

Earlier reports cited Nichols giving her thanks to the TV network for giving her the opportunity to finish the show “with a riveting conclusion that the series truly deserves.” The actress added that the final season is primarily dedicated to the devoted fans of “Continuum.”

“Continuum” Season 4 is slated to premiere on Sunday, July 25 on Showcase.

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I have added in some new candids of Rachel from I would guess one of the last episodes of Continuum to be filmed. As well as some BTS photos that have been taken by the cast and fans over the filming of the last season. Enjoy.

– Television Series > Continuum (2012-2015) > Season 4 > On Set > April 21th, 2015
– Television Series > Continuum (2012-2015) > Season 4 > On Set > Other Candids

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